The 各各他的阀杆和自然中心 is currently home to thirteen distinct species of reptiles, 其中五种是外来的. The wildlife exhibition permit provided by the Department of Natural 外围滚球软件排行榜 (DNR) allows us to house the other eight, 哪些是乔治亚本土的爬行动物. 随着我们校园里这个非凡的学习空间的增加, 它提供了很容易创建跨课程的机会, project-based lessons that teachers and students can relate back to our natural world. From God's purposeful design and thermodynamics to practicing Spanish verb conjugations, the 阀杆 and Nature Center is a unique space for hands-on experiences and exciting learning opportunities for Pre-K through 12th grade.



  • 阿基米德“阿奇”(大胡子龙)

    阿奇于2017年被当地一个家庭收养. He was the first reptile in the 阀杆 department and is excited to have more friends! 他喜欢被抱着,喜欢与人互动. He prefers to be hand fed as we just found out that he is blind and has a tough time hunting food on his own.
  • 克莱门汀(菱形龟)

    Clementine came to Calvary in Fall of 2021 from Georgia Southern University. 他是妈妈“蓝”下的窝里唯一一个存活下来的蛋. 他被带到实验室安全地孵化,直到他孵化出来. 他的生日是2021年7月16日!
  • Dessie(红耳滑块)

    Dessie于2021年秋季加入各各他队. A student kindly donated her to us so she can be loved and educate other students! She is a shy turtle who prefers to stay under the water when people are around. She likes to bask under her bulb when no one is looking and can swim away quickly when someone comes near!
  • 九头蛇和Geo(黄腹滑鼠)

    九头蛇和Geo自2017年出生以来一直在一起. A family won the turtles at a fair and cared for them until they no longer had the time. 它们喜欢游来游去,躲在围栏的装饰下面.
  • 杜松(红鼠蛇)

    朱尼珀是格鲁吉亚爬行动物协会(GRS)救助的一只动物。. His previous owners did not know it is illegal to have a native species as a pet in Georgia, 所以他们把他交给了GRS. 他喜欢探索他的圈地和环境. He has bright orange colors and red eyes because he lacks melanin or black pigment, 不像其他的红鼠蛇.
  • Keyno(豹壁虎)

    Keyno从各各他的一个家庭被收养,并于2020年加入各各他队. 她喜欢吃粉虫和蟋蟀,是一个快速的猎人. She enjoys exploring her enclosure and often snoozes on the top of the log or under the leaves in her enclosure. 她被称为胡迪尼,因为她曾经逃跑了66天!!
  • 狮子座(面纱变色龙)

    利奥于2021年5月被收养,于2020年11月出生. He blends in very well with the foliage in the enclosure and loves to hide on the top of the plants. 猎蟋蟀是他的最爱,他的舌头有很强的瞄准力! 他不喜欢人类的互动,但喜欢我们喂他.
  • 露西尔“露西”(球蟒)

    露西的家人搬家时把她留在了家里, and the new owners of the house called the Georgia Reptile Society (GRS) to care for her. She loves to hide under her log and is most active at night and explores her enclosure then. Sometimes she climbs her branch and perches on top w在这里 she can bask and check out her surroundings.
  • 黑豹(灰鼠蛇)

    Panther traveled in an airplane overnight from Florida to Calvary Day school in Fall of 2020. 他是一条非常紧张的蛇,想要永远感到安全. He is adventurous and curious and loves to explore if he is comfortable in his surroundings. He loves to bury his body in the bedding, and only peaks his head out to see what’s going on.
  • 谢尔顿(Sulcata Tortoise)

    谢尔顿于2020年加入各各他队. 他以前的家人搬家了,不能带他一起走. 谢耳朵出生于2015年,还有很多需要成长的地方. 他喜欢整天晒太阳,吃草和杂草. He likes to sleep in late and gets excited when students visit him on the playground.
  • 虾和沙砾(美洲短吻鳄)

    2022年2月,Shrimp和Grits加入了髑髅地队. 他们是一对来自佛罗里达州奥兰多市佳得兰的兄妹. Shrimp is the calmer of the two while Grits makes it known that she is small but mighty. 
  • Taz(东方箱龟)

    Taz is an adult male Eastern Box Turtle who joined us from the Georgia Reptile Society (GRS). He was found in the wild with an injured front leg and was brought to the GRS w在这里 he was treated and rehabilitated. 他喜欢把自己埋在土里,躲在木头下面.
  • 梵高(斑纹龟)

    Van Gogh came from the UGA Marine Extension Aquarium on Skidaway Island in Fall of 2020. 他是一个成年的成年人,不会再变大了. 他喜欢在木头上晒太阳,喜欢吃虫子. 它非常活跃,喜欢探索自己的领地. 你能猜出他为什么叫梵高吗?



Are you interested in having a birthday party with our animal ambassadors at the 各各他的阀杆和自然中心? 现在是你的机会! We are now offering birthday parties on Saturdays from 10-12, 12:30-2:30, and 3-5. 填写并提交谷歌表单链接 在这里 如果你有兴趣和我们一起举办孩子的派对.

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